All Churches throughout the world and from the very beginning have agreed that in order for men and women to be converted and to attain to everlasting life the ministry of Word and Sacrament was instituted and, moreover, was instituted by God Himself.

This is significant given the tendency for many in the Church today to regard ministry and order as secondary matters when the simple truth is that the Church could not long have existed without a ministry and that wherever the Church has existed there have been those who have been selected and set apart to occupy a ministerial office. All branches of the Christian Church are as one on this although they may differ greatly as to the nature of the ministry or how it should be constituted.

In the Anglican Church today, there are various positions about whether there should be male only priests. The Canons of the Anglican Diocese of the Living Word make provision for men and women to be ordained as deacons and men to be ordained as priests.

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