Life Beyond the Grave

Life Beyond the Grave:  What Happens When you Die?

In conjunction with the Diocese of the Armed Forces and Chaplaincy, Bishop Julian Mark Dobbs, Missionary Bishop of CANA, presents an online video teaching series for Lent 2015.

Bishop Dobbs says, “We are all interested in life beyond the grave and what happens to a person at the point of death. This series will allow us to study what the Bible says about life beyond the grave and what happens when we die?”

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Part 1 – Hades: What is Hades and what happens when you die?   Luke 16

Part 2 – Hell: Eternal torment or medieval myth? Matthew 8, Matthew 13, Matthew 22, Luke 13

Part 3 – Heaven: A place prepared by Jesus. John 14

Part 4 – Judgment: The books will be opened; who will be judged? Revelation 20

Part 5 – Questions and Answers

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