Bishop’s Bible Tour Of Israel 2015

Walk where Jesus walked, study his Word, serve His people.  You’ll never be the same!
Join Bishop Julian and Brenda Dobbs for a very special and personal tour of the Holy Land with the guide of each of the Bishop’s previous tours.  Dates:  November 5-16, 2015
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Testimonies from the 2014 Tour:

For the pilgrimage of our lifetime, Bishop Julian and Brenda packed 33 of us neatly into 10 incredible, intensive days of history, ruins, Jesus’ life and ministry, prayer and shopping. Frances, our talented and very knowledgeable guide, held us to a tight schedule, making sure we saw every aspect of her well-balanced, detaileditinerary, right down to the hotels and restaurants.  Haleed, our talented bus 2014-03-02-Canon EOS 60D-063-9driver, maneuvered us expertly around tight corners as we held our breath.  They became like family to us.  Some of us had our feet washed for the first time in the Upper Room. How cool to be able to say that! There was no mistake in God assembling us all for this trip; it was healing on many different levels.  If you are fortunate enough to go on this Holy Land Pilgrimage, you will not be disappointed. Make sure you look for, and find, the hearts!  Mrs. Lois Chiovolini

One very import result of going on a trip like this to the Holy Land is how it enables you to visualize names and places that were once only words. Now, when I read about places like Jerusalem, the Temple, the Temple Mount, the Kidron Valley, the Mount of Olives, Gethsemane, and Galilee, just to name a few, they are accompanied by images that are 2014-03-02-Canon EOS REBEL T3i-064-10bursting with visual impact. I am now transported to the actual places of the Bible as I read them! I can also comprehend the relative distances between towns and villages that I couldn’t before…smell the market places…breath in the salt air of Joppa and Caesarea…feel the salty oiliness of the Dead Sea…be embraced by the barren isolation of Qumran and Masada. Not even after years of Bible College and Seminary was I able to grasp such knowledge. I heartily recommend this trip to you for the strengthening and deepening of your faith!  Archdeacon Wayne Buchanan++